One-touch business card
smart contact

Eight – Business card app

Exchanging business cards is now as easy as holding two phones together.

Swap digital cards with Eight and you’ll automatically be updated on your contacts’ promotions,
transfers, and other career moves. It’s the smart way to keep track of your professional network.

That interesting person you met a year back?
A former colleague who moved to a new company?
These and all your contacts are potential opportunities.

Eight is the business card app for turning all your encounters into contacts and opportunities, at a touch.

Open the app, and
swap cards in an instant

Eight users can easily exchange business cards with one touch by holding their smartphones near each other.

You can also send your card by QR code or URL.

* "QR code" is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.
swap cards in an instant

Take a photo and easily
manage and search cards

Take a shot of the card and enjoy the fast and accurate digitization that our advanced technology provides.

Search stored contacts by person, company, department, or position so that you can quickly find what you need.

Quickly find the contact info

Updates on career moves,
like promotions &
job changes

When you connect using Eight, you’ll be notified when a contact changes their card because of a career move.

You can also message those in your contact network to keep in touch and build your relationships.

Updates on career moves
Eight Premium

Eight Premium

Eight Premium (600 yen/month or 6,000 yen/year) offers advanced features that make managing your network even easier.
Digitize all items on both card sides
Digitize all items on both card sides
Download business card information
Download business card information
Find common connections
Find common
Integrate with your contact list
Integrate with your contact list
...and many more useful features

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Eight – Business card app